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This tag is basically a "macro" for easier creation of spread pages. For more flexibility, use two Page tags with the spread attribute set to true.

This element allows to create "spread pages", i.e. a double page with shared content. This way one can use a video at the center of a double page, for example.

What this element technically does, is create two pages and sets their attributes correctly. Furthermore, it force inserts a blank page before the spread page, if necessary.


All attributes of the page are supported and will be applied to both the left and the right side of the spread page. The only exceptions are the page@buffer (which is applied to the left side only, the right one will always be buffered), and the page@stiff attribute (if the right side should be stiff set it's opposite's side to be so).

Example use

    <page/> <!-- Note: possible to remove this tag, but will be added
                 automatically, because the two sides of a spreadpage
                 obviously must be next to each other. -->
    <spreadpage foldfx="0">
      <vid src="some/vid.flv" position="center middle"/>
    <page/> <!-- Note: possible to remove this tag, but will be added
                 automatically, because a page must always consist of
                 two page sides (and the right half of the spreadpage
                 will make up the first half). -->
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