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Is it easy to skin the GUI?

MegaZine3 was designed with full flexibility and easy configuration in mind. A lot can be achieved with standard parameters/attributes and plugins. Like those available for the book tag as pagepreview or reflection.
And including or dropping plugins like search, print, zoom etc. from the plugin list will show or hide the related buttons.

Substituting the existing files allows the use of own sounds and buttons.
And making use of the .asul files (XML files for GUI configuration), all GUI elements can be positioned.
Own elements can be added and everything can be styled using the .asul files.
And all that without any ActionScript3 programming skills or compile runs.

Our showcase provides a lot of examples from customers who made use of the GUI modification to achieve a specific CI (corporate identity). As shown in these examples:

And finally here a list of some helpful links providing more details about ASUL:  and more (see links provided on those pages)

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