Feature Categories

A...B Adjustable GUI - Bookmarks
Adjustable GUI It is possible to change the complete GUI via external XML files, allowing easy modifications. And even multiple styles using the same engine without programming.
Anti Aliasing To improve the quality of rendered bitmap graphics
Anchors Allows anchors in the book, i.e. named chapters and pages to navigate to.
Arbitrary rotation Book can be displayed rotated with a configurable angle. E.g. for calendar like applications, flipping pages vertically.
ASUL Framework see "Adjustable GUI" Highly flexible GUI framework, based on XML definitions.
Background color Background color of a page
Background gradient Optional refections of the pages below the book
Background images The background behind the book can be freely configured. This can be used for a logo, for simulation of an open book (first/last page is placed to the background), for advertisements
Background sounds Allows background sound for chapters and pages; alternatively to the sound element .
Batch pages Allows the definition of multiple pages in one go, also allowing localized and scale based content.
Book edge Generation of a visual book edge, adding depth and also allowing to navigate through the book. See also "spinecurvature".
Bookmarks Adding bookmarks with configurable text and color, linked to page numbers or anchors
C...E Chapters - Element:vid
Chapters Chapter based book structure. A book can contain several chapters, each chapter can contain an unlimited numebr of pages. The page preview indicators (the "bubbles" below the book) can be colorized by chapter. Other parameters can be defined by chapter, like sounds, page background color, color of the book edge, page size (must be equal or smaller than the book size).
Console Allows opening a debug console, which can be useful when searching for problems in the book (e.g. images not loading).
  Draw Draw sketches on any page, save locally or on the server. Different colors, pen sizes, ..
Element IDs Allows giving IDs to elements, to make it easier referencing those in scripts.
Element System Arbitrary number of elements per page. Elements are e.g. images, sound, video, areas, text
Element: area Allows defining interactive / highlighted regions.
Element: gif Allows loading animated GIF files.
Element: img Allows loading images (JPG, PNG) and SWF files.
Element: nav Allows defining link lists, e.g. table of contents.
Element: snd Allows loading sounds (MP3).
Element: txt Allows displaying of text.
Element: vid Allows loading videos (FLV, F4V and more).
F...L Fullscreen - Localization
Fullscreen mode Allows switching to fullscreen mode, to use the full available desktop size for the book's display. The book stays navigatable in fullscreen mode.
Gallery Allows defining high resolution alternatives for images (in 2.0: all elements) which will be opened in a gallery frame (optionally in fullscreen mode). Multiple elements can be grouped to allow navigation through one such group without leaving the gallery mode.
Google Analytics Adds Google Analytics support to the book, tracking clicked links inside the book.
Help Adds a help window, showing some basic information about the usage of the book.
Index Creates a graphical overview of the pages as kind of visual directory; comparable to the thumbnail view presented to selected pages to br printed
JavaScript While in version 1.38 all JavaScript support was decentralized and always on, this can now be centrally controlled in version 2.0+.
JavaScript API The engine can be controlled via JavaScript to a large degree, making it possible to write HTML based GUIs or other advanced scripting. Also see the JavaScript plugin.
Keyboard navigation Allows navigating through the book using the keyboard arrow keys.
Links Allows setting links on elements. These links can be normal http:// links, or internal anchors.
Localization Language switching without reloading the complete book, only localized elements.
N...P Navigation Bar - Print PDF
Navigation bar The NavigationBar plugin allows the simple generation of a control bar, which allows navigating to the different pages in the book and trigger some actions, such as "goto next page", "enter fullscreen", "print" and so on.
Normal and stiff pages Supports both normal "soft" pages, such as the inner pages of a real book, and "stiff" pages, such as the cover of a hardcover book.
Options Adds an options window, allowing to set some graphics related settings (allowing the user to disable or enable them herself).
Overall background Set an overall background for the book. This makes the use of wmode : 'transparent', which leads to reduced performance, superfluous in most cases.
Overlays Allows the use of graphical overlays for elements, which can be used to highlight elements on mouse over (e.g. if they are linked).
Page Elements Some predefined page elements which should suffice for most use cases.
Page previews If a page thumbnail exists, an upscaled version of the thumbnail will be displayed until the page content is loaded.
Password Allows defining a password that has to be entered before the actual book contents are shown.
PDF support Convert PDFs using swftools' PDF2SWF utility to load them into a book. Also a set of batch tools is available that create configurable books out of PDF files supporting multilingual versions, bookmarks and 2 qualities (for use with scale) with minimal efforts.
PDFlinks Includes internal (e.g. ToC) and external links (e.g. URL, mailto:) from PDF files into MZ3 Books
Plugin Architecture As of version 2.0 most additional functionality is realized using plugins, which are loaded on demand. In 1.38 all functionality was embedded directly, leading to a lot of invisible dead weight in case some functionality was unwanted.
Print Allows printing single pages or page ranges from the book. Print alternatives for pages can be defined, too (e.g. SWFs for better quality).
PrintPdf Converts selected pages into pdf files. Only for Online versions (serverside PHP program needed). Alternatively an array with selected page numbers can be passed to Javascript to e.g. combine a PDF file out of single PDF pages on the server side.
R...Z Right To Left - Zoom
Right to left reading Automatically adjust the book's behavior for right to left content via one setting.
Scale based content Define different content to be used at different scale levels of the book, e.g. SWFs for higher zoom levels, JPGs for lower ones.
Search Allows searching a book based on a given index. This also adds highlighting, if the page content allows it (must be SWFs with static text).
Sidebar Adds a sidebar which can hold context sensitive content (based on the current page number).
Slideshow Adds the functionality to have the book automatically flip pages.
Spine curvature The shape of the book spine can be configured: negative or positive
Spread pages Use dynamic content on double pages, i.e. using the full width of the book.
SWFAddress Adds SWFAddress support, making it possible to deeplink to specific pages.
Thumbnails Thumbnails are automatically generated from loaded pages. In 2.0+ it is also possible to define a path to pregenerated thumbnail images, making it faster to load those (not necessary to load the actual page content just to generate a thumbnail).
Titles Allows setting titles for elements (tooltips).
Usability Some functionality is specifically meant to help users who are new to the page flip concept. Those include alternative cursor graphics when the mouse enters a region where a click triggers a page turn, or an automated "corner hinting" animation, which lifts a corner of the current page after the book has been loaded. This can be disabled, if unwanted.
Zoom / Liquid scaling Adjusting the size of the pages either manually, or automatically to fit the browser window.