Our new shop is open

License keys and the download link are immediately provided with the purchase

The option to order license renewals and upgrades for existing customers will be available soon.
If you need an Update earlier, please contact us. 

All licenses purchased in after July 1st, 2014 are entitled for a free immediate upgrade; you will receive an email with instructions as soon as the automatic order process is working.

Customers with older licenses will receive an email offer for a discounted upgrade.

All Licenses offer

  • Unlimited Number of Pages
  • Unlimited License Life Time (one-time payment)
  • Unlimited Number of Languages (also within one MZ3 Title)
  • Unlimited number of MZ3 Titles
    Exception MZ3-PUBL: Only one title (a single book or magazine) with unlimited editions or issues allowed
  • All MegaZine3 Features
  • mz3Viewer Offline and Online use on Windows, MAC OSx and Android
    planned: Android and iOS version as app in the respective shops
  • Unlimited number of "developers" on WIndows 7/8, MAC OSx and Linux
  • Variants: Online (server, Internet) and Offline (mz3Viewer, local)
  • No Cloud dependencies: Development with locally installed program (mz3Tool)
  • Self managed distribution: copy via eamil, dropbox or other cloud service, on media like CD, memory stick, server download
  • Free choice of server: own server, managed or hosted servers

MZ3-PRIV: Non commercial

Private Persons, Universities,
Schools, Non-Profit Organisations

  • With fix poweredBy  Logo
  • Preloader Modifications are not allowed
  • No 3rd Party Advertisements
  • MZ3 Titles must not be sold

MZ3-BASE: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

  • Permanent poweredBy Logo
  • No Preloader Modifications
  • No 3rd Party Advertisements
  • MZ3 Titles (megazine, books, ...) offered for sale need separate MZ3-PUBL license

MZ3-PUBL: Self Publishing

  • One book or one magazine offered for sale
  • Unlimited number of editions or issues
  • Own logo and preloader allowed
  • Unlimited Number of Editions or Issues of one MZ3 Title
  • Own Logo and Preloader allowed

MZ3-PRO: Almost everything

  • Customized Logo and Preloader
  • Own Plugins
  • Paid Advertisements are allowed
  • MZ3 Titles (books, magazines, ...) offered for sale need separate MZ3-PUBL licenses