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04.09.2012 01:00 von Hans Nuecke

Blog started

These tips will not be continued. New tips will be published in our blogs (started middle of 2012). Diese Tipps werden nicht fortgeführt, sondern ab Mitte des Jahres 2012 in BLOGS veröffentlicht. Dann auch auf Deutsch!

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10.04.2012 01:47 von Hans Nuecke

Lightroom 4 and MegaZine3

The new version 4 of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom comes with some new features. The "Book" feature plays very well with MegaZine3.

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03.12.2011 01:00 von Hans Nuecke

facebook thumbnails missing

Sharing links in facebook, e.g. writing a message on your wall, is common praxis. Usually you can select an image as thumbnail that should be used. But if a MZ3 Book is the only content on the page, there is no image visible for facebook. But you can tell facebook what image to use.

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12.10.2011 01:30 von Hans Nuecke

spreadpages and videos

Using videos on spreadpages (double width pages) can be problematic.

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11.10.2011 17:49 von Hans Nuecke

make the browser back button work

If deep linking is used (plugin swfaddress) and you link to the MZ3 book from a HTML page, it may be impossible to return to that page using the back button

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01.10.2011 11:09 von Hans Nuecke


A pragmatic solution for a bookshelf. The megazine.mz3 file (configuration) is available as download.

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17.09.2011 11:00 von Hans Nuecke

MZ3-Tool update

A new version of the MZ3-Tool is available, which now supports hosting on an IIS server with a new parameter

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15.09.2011 11:16 von Hans Nuecke

Localization / language switch

MegaZine3 supports localization, i.e. within one book you can have several different language. With different content by element, and also localized help texts.

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15.09.2011 10:39 von Hans Nuecke

Adding background images

Images can be used as the background for the whole container (window) of the book, or to show a custom logo and even to simulate an open book

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08.09.2011 15:49 von Hans Nuecke

Modify text in Loading Bar

The text of the loading bar is defined in the megazine.asul; you can change it

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18.08.2011 01:55 von Hans Nuecke

ASUL: dynamically change object's attributes

Use of the setAttribute method supports e.g. automatic adjustment of the URL of the actual page, when sharing that page using a FACEBOOK share button.

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21.07.2011 01:17 von Hans Nuecke

Flash Player standalone with debugger: slow due to trace

When you work with the standalone debugger version of Flash Player 10, you'll most probably experience an incredibly low performance. It took us some time to to solve it. The reason was that every single activity was traced. And there is no parameter you can adjust to change that. The solution is a modification in a well hidden file: mm.cfg

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09.07.2011 02:43 von Hans Nuecke

Facebook Link with and without thumbnail

Thumbnail in Facebook

How to add a thumbnail image to a MegaZine3 entry page

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08.06.2011 15:25 von Hans Nuecke

Adobe AIR support

Adobe AIR is a pretty new framework promising multi platform support. Including the otherwise for FLASH "self-banned" iPADs and iPhones. This article gives first hints how to use that framework for MegaZine3.

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19.04.2011 18:42 von Hans Nuecke

Form Interaction

This article shows some code snippets that help to make a MZ3 title interactive

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15.04.2011 14:37 von Hans Nuecke

How to simulate a book edge like shown in this customer project
Jenaer Martyrologium book edge

ASUL script for x-shift

To simulate a nice book edge, a simple trick could help: Create the left and right book edge as background image and then shift the MZ3 book according to the page number to the left or right to simulate an open book

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07.04.2011 19:33 von Hans Nuecke

Links with local titles

Titles published on a server and accessed over the internet offer full network access. And with that also full capabilities of links to other websites. But if an MZ3 title is run on a local PC (within a browser as local version or as a 'projector' together with a FLASH player, e.g. from an USB stick or CD), there is a high probability to run into sandbox problems.

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10.08.2010 16:06 von Hans Nuecke

Zoom Plugin

How to use the zoom plugin

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18.03.2010 15:00 von Hans Nuecke

MZ3 Help window at start-up missing

How to hide or show the start-up help window

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23.02.2010 14:23 von Hans Nuecke

How to achieve best JPG qualities

Some tips on how to find a good compromise between quality and speed

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16.02.2010 21:28 von Hans Nuecke

Flash vs HTML5

Some Background Information about the HTML5 and FLASH discussion

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16.02.2010 14:07 von Hans Nuecke

Basic Tutorial (user contribution)

Basic Tutorial / workshop created by a Dutch MegaZine3 user

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10.02.2010 13:52 von Hans Nuecke

PDF Conversion optimization

PDF Conversion Optimization Hints

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04.02.2010 14:04 von Hans Nuecke

Lightbox in a book

How to add a lightbox to a page to show content like Facebook

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03.02.2010 14:00 von Hans Nuecke

Search Plugin

Search Plugin: overview and tips

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03.02.2010 13:57 von Hans Nuecke

Use of Print Plugin

Some hints on how to use the Print Plugin

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